What To Buy For The Best Buggy Experience?

In the last few years the buggy industry has grown massively.

There are now so many fantastic buggies to choose from and let’s face it, they all look pretty cool, but they are not a cheap investment and you must always consider how much maintenance is involved to keep them running at tip top condition. Can you maintain the buggy yourself to a high standard or will you need to take it to the main dealer?? I’m a mechanic so keeping any of my vehicles fully maintained myself means no dealer servicing costs, however I still had a budget to consider and I wanted something with a lot of bang for its buck. 


So when the time came for me to start buying buggies for my company I had to go with my experience in the industry, 4 years working mainly as a mechanic but also as a tour guide in a buggy tour company presented me with the absolutely amazing Xingyue Gsmoon 260cc.

“Old School




A two seater, steel chassis buggy, with a 4 stroke engine. Simple but effective. These buggies have proved to me time and time again they really do give a brilliant buggy tour experience. I love them and well, this is why… 

Firstly, they are old school just like me! Fun and easy to work on makes my life so much easier. Along with guiding tours I am still fine tuning the business and I work alone so I have lots of different areas to divide my time, not just cruising through the amazing Spanish countryside.

Buggy maintenance is something that is always on the top of my list of my daily jobs to carry out, as I mentioned before in a previous blog, maintenance is very important in a buggy tour company. So with a buggy that is easy to work on I can do a lot of maintenance in a short period of time, plus it’s fun!

Next up, reliability.

Yep i’ll mention it again, reliability does also come down to maintenance. I have seen Gsmoons just keep going and going and going. Not every company adopts the same maintenance protocols as I have implemented into Red Mountain Buggy Tours. From my time working in this industry I have seen some beat down rusty Gsmoons, to be fair they did run but it just made me think “If you maintain these buggies how much of a buzz will they be to drive and be reliable!”

Reliability means customers get the adventure they paid for, and for me well, I don’t have to refund my client because of a breakdown. So for customers and the business they are perfect!



And finally, the most important part of my business is a happy dusty customer! The Gsmoon has so much “grin factor”. They are fun to drive, you feel the warm Costa del Sol air rush by as you twist and wind through the mountain trails. You hear the engine, you feel the bumps and your ass is pretty close to the trail. This is what I think is also part of a buggy experience, driving something different, it shouldn’t feel like you are in your daily driver.

So there we have it, my reasons why I chose the Gsmoon 260 to get Red Mountain buggy Tours off the ground and I couldn’t be happier. My buggies are turning heads and making  my customers smile and as my business grows and evolves I also think my buggies will too. The Gsmoon is an amazing buggy but I do have some ideas for bigger adventures which maybe too much for them. 

For now, the Gsmoons are my weapon of choice, prepped and ready for adventure, I can’t wait for my next group to give them a go! 

Thank you for being part of this adventure with me. 


Costa del Sol



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